UTV Rentals Start March 2024!

Local Goat SXS Outfitters has Polaris UTV vehicle for rent for your ride on the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System in Delbarton, WV. Our 2024 UTVs are a convenient way to enjoy riding.  We have 2-seaters and 4-seaters available.  Just make a reservation and you are set!

An overhead view of Local Goat Resort cabin area full of people and UTVs.

Who We Are

Local Goat SXS Outfitters is a local, family-owned business Delbarton, WV providing ATV equipment rentals for riding the Hatfield-McCoy Trails.

Our sister company, Local Goat ATV Resort, offers cozy, modern cabins with all of the amenities you need during your stay. We would love to have you stay with us.

Schedule your visit today for a fun, mountain adventure for the entire family.

Our Rental Equipment

Local Goat SXS Outfitters proudly offers Polaris UTV Rentals. Explore the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System in a state-of-the-art machine designed for your safety and comfort.
NOTE: Actual machines may vary from photos.

RZR XP 1000

A black and blue two-seat Polaris RZR UTV

RZR XP 1000

A black and blue four-seat Polaris RZR UTV

General 1000

A grey and green two-seat Polaris General 1000 UTV

Polaris General 1000

A grey and green four-seat Polaris General 1000 UTV

Our Regulations

Please review our full list of policies and requirements before renting.

  • You must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license to rent a UTV.
  • Passengers must be able to grasp the hand holds and firmly plant their feet with their backs fully against the back seat rest.
  • Daily rentals start at 9 a.m.and end with drop-off at 5:30 p.m. Overtime will result in additional fees.
  • All occupants must use seatbelts and other safety equipment when vehicle is in motion.
  • Each vehicle is designed for either 2 or 4 occupants. No more than the indicated numbers are allowed in vehicle.
  • All customers must follow Hatfield-McCoy Trail system age guidelines. No one under the age of 6 is permitted on the trails.

ATV Wash Onsite

Keep your equipment sparkling with our new ATV Wash! Conveniently located onsite.

A red UTV on a muddy trail